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  • Title: CCSB |
    Descriptive info: .. About Us.. Who we are.. Clients.. Data protection.. Research Solutions.. Marketing Research (more).. Market Segmentation Mapping.. Brand Performance Positioning.. Advertising Research.. Customer Satisfaction Loyalty.. Mystery Clients (Shopping).. Product Development.. Price Sensitivity Meter.. Audit Research.. Mass Media Audience Research.. Social Political Research.. B2B Research.. Direct Marketing Services.. Customer Care Services.. Sectors.. FMCG research.. Mass-Media Research.. Financial Research.. Automotive Research.. Pharmaceutical Healthcare Research.. Retail Research.. Telecom Research.. Durable  ...   (Central Location Testing).. Exit Interviewing.. SPOT Survey.. Qualitative Research.. Mystery Clients.. Online Panel.. Contact.. News Reports: Online Panel.. more.. About us.. Who we are Values and Principles CCSB Team Major Clients.. View more.. Marketing Research Advertising Research Media & Audience Research.. View all.. FMCG Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Mass-Media Financial Research.. view all.. Quantitative Research Qualitative Research Mystery Clients / Shopping.. Marketing Research.. News Reports.. Top.. CCSB.. 2014.. English..

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  • Title: About Us | CCSB
    Descriptive info: Major Clients.. Data Protection.. View details..

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  • Title: Who we are? | CCSB
    Descriptive info: Who we are?.. CCSB represents the natural outcome of professional relational expertise accumulated over the years by its highly experienced members.. Since 2003, we investigate and have comprehensive knowledge of all the sectors of the research industry on the market, from private companies to public institutions and political organization.. Our team has developed great expertise over the years, dealing with all types of research designs and services on the market.. The tools we have developed address all business stages processes, from the company s launch on the market to the maturity and leadership.. We manage extensive experience in all types of methodologies and data collection resources, employing the latest technologies available.. The professional experience, the validity of our information, flexible approach, emphasis on customer needs,  ...   Over 1.. 000 interviewers 40 area coordinators covering the entire country.. 35 fully functional CATI stations, capable of extension (up to 60 stations) 100 call center operators.. 100% phone database in Romania, both mobile and landline across all phone providers.. Quantitative research department.. Qualitative research department.. Specialized CATI software platform capable of complex questionnaire design and audio clusters testing.. Field coordination and recruiting department.. Data processing and data quality check department.. Data entry and coding department.. SPSS software for quantitative and qualitative analysis.. 500.. 000 email database which represents the basis for our panel recruitment.. Dedicated platform for the online questionnaire programming and monitoring.. Multimedia testing capabilities: videos, pictures and audio files.. CCSB follows and applies professional standards and recommendations established by the.. ESOMAR.. Organization..

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  • Title: Clients | CCSB
    Descriptive info: Among our clients:.. Antena 1.. Forumul Academic Roman.. Red Apple Communication.. Antena 2.. Fundatia Greenpeace CEE Romania.. Revista Felicia.. Antena 3.. Fundatia Romana pentru Democratie.. Radio Romantic Fm.. Asociatia Pro Democratia.. Global Media SA.. Romnet Media.. Betacons Euromedia.. Intact Media Group.. Romprest Service SA.. Buftea TV  ...   Comert si Industrie.. ONG Mare Nostrum.. Sci Fi Channel Europe (NBC Universal).. Credit Europe Bank.. Operations Research.. SNSPA (Scoala Nationala de Studii Politice si Administrative).. CTV Media Group SA.. Primaria Municipiului Medgidia.. Societatea Academica din Romania.. Editura Intact SRL.. Radio ZU.. TVR (Societatea Romana de Televiziune)..

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  • Title: Data protection | CCSB
    Descriptive info: Recording and storage of personal data.. :.. CCSB Forum Ltd stores personal information related to individuals or companies.. Beside information related to personal data, CCSB Forum Ltd also collects data related to private life, political opinions, religious beliefs, etc.. The data will be used solely for statistical purposes and are strictly confidential.. People who participate in market research and public opinion projects agree with storing this information for future use and statistical purposes.. Everyone has the right to request the company information regarding the data stored about him / her.. Also, they may request the correction of such data if they do not correspond to reality or if they may change.. Transfer to a third party.. People who participate in market research and public opinion projects express their agreement that CCSB Forum Ltd may provide information and answers to another market research company or client.. However, third parties  ...   be made public in any way.. CCSB Forum Ltd may occasionally provide information to another market research company or client, which will treat all information in a statistical manner and obey to the same rules of confidentiality.. Data Security.. CCSB Forum Ltd undertook all legal measures that the information provided by persons participating in market research and public opinion projects to be kept in secure locations.. Printed questionnaires are kept at the office, in a room with limited access, secured by an alarm system approved by the market.. Data collected by phone or online are stored on a password protected server.. Only authorized persons have access to this information.. Access to information is limited, only a few employees of CCSB Forum Ltd can access this information.. Legal Disclaimer.. In some cases, the law requires certain information to be disclosed.. CCSB Forum Ltd will obey the legal dispositions whenever necessary..

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  • Title: Research Solutions | CCSB
    Descriptive info: Customer Care (Call Center Services)..

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  • Title: Marketing Research | CCSB
    Descriptive info: Research tools description:..

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  • Title: Market Segmentation & Mapping – (U&A Strategic Research) | CCSB
    Descriptive info: Market Segmentation Mapping (U A Strategic Research).. Market segmentation Mapping is an U A (Usage Attitudes) strategic tool that involves dividing a broad target market into subsets of consumers who have common needs and behaviors for the relevant products and services.. Out tool provides key answers to the following topics:.. How can I split my consumers into relevant segments for a strategic targeting?.. What is the psychographic and demographic profile of my segments?.. What are my core target as well as my extended target of consumers?.. Which is the position of my key competitors on the market?.. What is the market potential for each consumers segment?.. What are the consumption occasions habits for each consumers segment?.. How can I best develop a communication campaign based on key insights from my target?.. What are the consumption and purchasing drivers for my products and services?.. Are there new market opportunities for diversifying and developing my products and brand portfolio?.. Usage Attitude segmentation data provides valuable insights that can be  ...   differentiation strategy can give a firm a temporary commercial advantage.. The consumers segments are positioned on a graphic map, according to different characteristics relevant for the business, such as: income level, potential level, attitudes, behavior, other demographics etc).. We use a distinctive segmentation mapping tool called Need State Segmentation (map) which helps our clients to uncover the key factors behind consumer purchasing decisions.. We can determine what uncovered needs seem the most valuable and also to consider which needs or need state might we focus our insight research and concept / product development efforts.. Segmentation criteria.. Demographic.. Segmentation.. : age, gender, family size, income, occupation, education, religion, race and nationality.. Geographic segmentation.. :.. nations, states, regions, countries, cities, neighborhoods, or zip codes.. Psychographic Segmentation.. lifestyle, opinions, attitudes, personality, values.. Behavioral Segmentation.. consumption and buying levels, consumption occasions, loyalty, reactions, visiting frequency etc.. Benefits.. expected or perceived benefits towards products or services that drives choice and consideration, uncovered needs, other relevant motivations.. Media consumption.. (TV, radio, print, Internet etc)..

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  • Title: Brand Performance & Positioning | CCSB
    Descriptive info: Brand Performance Positioning is a complex research tool designed to identify and measure the characteristics which ensure competitive advantages and differentiation of your brand vs.. competition in order to develop the most appropriate market and communication strategy for its development positioning.. Our tool provides answers to the following questions:.. Which is the position of my brand on the market?.. How can I minimize my weaknesses and best exploit my advantages?.. What is the demand for my current brand and potential demand for my new ones?.. Why do customers choose me over competing brands?.. How do I differentiate on the market?.. How is my brand perceived by my customers  ...   brand universally and crisply across all media channels?.. How could social media improve the communication for my brand?.. The following indicators and complex analysis are employed:.. Brand Salience.. awareness usage, buying behaviour, brand switching/migration from/to another brand.. Brand Associations.. (points-of-parity points-of-difference):.. brand performance attributes, brand image attributes.. Brand Attitudes:.. rational brand judgements (quality, credibility, consideration, superiority etc), emotional / brand feelings (warmth, fun, excitement, security, social approval etc).. Brand Attachment.. behavioural loyalty (repeated purchase), attitudinal attachment.. Brand Activity.. sense of community (identification with a brand community), active engagement (these customers become advocates and ambassadors and help communicate about the brand).. Brand equity analysis.. assessing the value of a brand..

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  • Title: Advertising Research | CCSB
    Descriptive info: The main purpose of Advertising research is to offer the necessary knowledge to create and improve the efficiency of an advertising campaign.. This research type is used to predict or track the efficacy of the campaign, measured by the ad’s ability to get attention, communicate the message, build the brand’s image, and activate the consumer to purchase the product or service.. In order to obtain a maximum efficiency, the research should be employed at all stages of advertising development and planning strategy.. We offer several research tools, each suited for a specific step in building a successful advertising campaign, from insights generation and strategy development to performance measurement indicators:.. U A Segmentation data.. The first step before proceeding with the actual developing of advertising concept is to determine our target profile and to explore its opinions, attitudes, needs and specific behavior.. This process is crucial, because determining, measuring and exploring your target, helps generating innovative performing insights, which will be converted into operational concepts and campaign strategy.. Creation or concept testing.. Once a certain number of creative ideas are generated, only one must be implemented into an functional advertising.. Which communication route, story or script is the most effective to be translated  ...   performed.. Copy testing predicts the ad’s effectiveness and performance based on consumer responses, feedback, and behavior.. Our pre-testing indicators include: recall retention measurements, persuasion activation measurements, attitudes metrics, motivations, testing the effects on the brand, brand linkage metrics.. After employing all sets of indicators, we proceed with diagnostic measures, so that we identify what might go wrong with the ad and, if the case, find out the suitable solution for improvement at this latter stage of the campaign launch.. Ad Performance Tracking (Post-testing).. Every advertiser needs to accurately determine the effect of the advertising campaign on sales, but also on the brand.. Ad Performance Tracking examines these effects in at least 2 stages of the ongoing campaign (depending on the campaigns type and duration): at the half and at the end of the media channels exposure.. The utility of “half way” measurement consists in providing the client with the necessary input for re-calibrating, if the case, the media mix or even extending or reducing the exposure period according to the evolution of performance indicators.. Our tool measures both ad and brand related indicators in a media mix environment: awareness, recall, comprehension, persuasion, activation, interest, relevance, credibility, favorability, brand attributes, trial consumption, lifestyle/psychographics etc..

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  • Title: Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty | CCSB
    Descriptive info: Customer Satisfaction Loyalty research not only provides snapshots of satisfaction levels among customers and their attitudes.. It goes beyond descriptive purposes and assesses an understanding of why customers have the perceptions they do and what may be done to change those perceptions and to improve satisfaction loyalty.. We recommended various actions, but in a prioritized manner and by incorporating our clients business objectives perspective.. Not all the satisfaction drivers (factors) are equally  ...   that need to be activated with priority.. By employing complex analysis of factors (satisfaction drivers), we can prioritize recommendations, so that the client should focus only on the relevant aspects to improve satisfaction (efficiently directing their resources).. In addition to documenting the levels and areas of customer satisfaction, our tracking satisfaction surveys offer insights into how the drivers of customer satisfaction are modifying over time and recommends priority changes whenever is needed..

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